Archdiocese of Cape Town

Xa ufuna uXolo qala usebenzele uBulungisa
As julle Vrede wil hê, strewe na Geregtigheid
If you want Peace, work for Justice
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The Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Town
is one of a worldwide network of Justice and Peace commissions
established to address the social injustices and hardships
of the poor and marginalized.

Our vision is a transformed society in which there will be human dignity,
freedom, equality and peace.

Our mission is to confront social and political injustice and
build a culture of respect for human rights in South Africa,
so that all members of society may enjoy their basic constitutional rights.

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The Justice and Peace Commission invites you to make contact and/or become involved with our work. For any of the suggestions below, please get in touch with us at, or on 021-462-2417 (leave a message if necessary).

Currently, our main project is called the ‘Making Good Choices’ programme. Three pamphlets are being designed, targeting different age groups and using the premises of Catholic Social Teaching to help children, teenagers and adults to make good life choices. This is a broad response to the many problems in our society which originate from making bad choices. We envisage that the pamphlets will be used, initially, as a basis for workshops – some held at Catholic schools, and some in parishes and open to all, as well as one with a group of prisoners.

We are also working on or investigating proposals for a ‘bereavement information package’, another pamphlet with entrepreneurship advice, and a parish employees’ information package.
Join our group meetings. You can do this even if your parish does not have an active J&P group. We meet on a Saturday morning about once every two months.
Join the J&P group in your own parish. Our office can give you contact details.
Receive emails for information, without any need for active participation.
Become a ‘cyber-activist’. We are in the process of setting up links for contact and/or pressure and would welcome anyone with an interest or knowledge in the area.
Pray for us, especially that we may be attuned to the Holy Spirit for guidance in our work, and that the Lord will send more labourers into this part of his vineyard.
Make a monetary donation.